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Model paint comaprison, conversion and historical charts

All these model paint comparison and conversion charts use Humbrol paints as the benchmark, so if you want to convert from Heller to Vallejo then you'll have to go via Humbrol.


I have tried to be as accurate as possible but I have to point out that the conversions and the colours used in the charts are to be used as a guide only as it is impossible to be totally accurate for several reasons including differences in monitors, printers and the good old fashioned human eye! Anyway, I hope these prove useful to you.

The old Airfix paint range

Games Workshop's Citadel Colours range

The old Heller paint range

The old Humbrol Authentic Colours Range

The Humbrol paint Range

The current Humbrol Range arranged by colour to aid colour blind modellers

The Lifecolor paint range

The Model Master paint range

The Mr Hobby paint range

The RAL Colour system


The RLM range of colours

Official Paint Chart downloads

Here you can download the online charts that companies like Humbrol and Games Workshop release. These are some of the charts that I have used to create and compile the charts above.


Ammo of Mig Jimenez


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